Family, Divorce, Child Custody and Adoption

Kalmbach Law Office strives to provide every client compassionate and competent representation in all family law matters.  It is difficult to look past the present and see the future amid the heated disputes, hurt feelings, and sudden changes to your life and home.  Kalmbach Law Office is here to assist you through the legal and financial ramifications of a dissolution or child custody proceeding – all while keeping the best interests of you and your children at the forefront.

Criminal Defense

Being arrested or receiving a criminal citation is not only confusing and stressful, but it can have devastating and long-term effects on one’s life.  Kalmbach Law Office will help explain the process and help you through it.  Kalmbach Law Office advocates and represents both adults and juveniles facing criminal charges.  We ensure that your rights are protected during the entire case and your best resolution is secured, either by a negotiated plea agreement or through a trial.

Estate Planning

Kalmbach Law Office can assist you in making sure those most important to you are taken care of.   Every estate plan is unique.  Depending on your individual needs and situation, Kalmbach Law Office will utilize the appropriate legal tools that fits your needs:
-       Wills
-       Trusts
-       Durable powers of attorney
-       Health care power of attorney
-       Guardianship and conservatorships
-       Probate administration.
You will receive quality legal services from caring individuals who will make the process easily understood and give you the satisfaction of knowing you have put a plan in place which will simplify the lives of those you love.

Polson Legal Services and Family Law

Advocacy in Divorce and Custody Matters

Dissolving a marriage or resolving a custody dispute come with legal, financial and emotional elements, we can help.

Criminal Defense, Including DUI Cases

Representing you in all criminal charges, from theft or juvenile offenses to major felonies, including DUI's.

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